Our Cattery

The task of the cattery is to obtain cats with an excellent breed type, color and health, as well as a character corresponding to the breed, who will become your friends and will delight you for many years.

In our cattery you can buy kittens of the following colors:
♥  traditional (blue, purple, black, tortoiseshell, chocolate, cream)
♥  rare (tabby, marble and smoky) classic and silver colors

Special attention is paid to raising kittens in the cattery. Kittens, leaving the cattery, come to a new home, socially adapted, sociable, accustomed to a tray and a scratching post.

When buying a kitten, the owner receives a package of documents:
- transfer to a kitten;
- veterinary passport with vaccination marks by age;
- recommendations for care.

Delivery of kittens all over the world is possible.

The cattery is registered in the International Cat Fanciers Association Rolandus Union International (IALK RUI) in 2010 (RUI reg. No. 1461), and operates according to RUI and WCF standards.

We are open for cooperation and look forward to your call.